A Podumentary: A podcast about the podcast (aka The Podcast Project)

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As a market analyst who has made a living writing about digital media for the past decade, I recently became intrigued with the podcast market.

Part of the reason was I had started my own podcast a few months ago, which I had decided to do as part of an open-lab model of market research where I share some of the conversations I'm having with executives.

But my interest was also piqued by the answers I got when I asked media executives about the podcast and its place in the broader media landscape. I found I got a variety of opinions, some of which were at odds with the seeming emergence of a maturing industry and a rising number of new media entities making a business of the podcast.

So like the analyst I am, I decided to dive in a little deeper and have some conversations some people in the podcast industry, both in front of the mic and behind it.

This podcast is a compilation is the various conversations I had, which I also wrote about at Forbes. I will also make the full conversations available over the next few days on this site, and they'll also be available for download at Soundcloud and iTunes.


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