Chris Anderson on 3D printing, making drones mass market & drones-as-a-service

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This one is part of NextMarket's continuing Maker leader series.

For over a decade, Chris Anderson helped lead Wired as the magazine's editor-in-chief, and also authored best-sellers such as The Long Tail and Makers: The New Industrial Revolution.

But late last year, Anderson announced he would leave his post at Wired and make his hobby and passion, drones and robotics, his full time gig, becoming CEO of 3D Robotics, a drone manufacturing company.

I caught up recently with Anderson to talk about his company and the drone market, as well as many other issues such as 3D printing, intellectual property issues as the digital-to-physical movement takes shape, the 3D printing of guns. the potential for drone legislation efforts to move beyond the government/defense realm into the consumer space, as well as the use of drones in a managed service model.


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