Dr. Conor MacCormack on paper 3D printing, the Staples deal and the future of Mcor

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While the cost of 3D printers continue to come down, the cost of filament and other 3D printing materials remains fairly high.

Enter Mcor Technologies, which believes it has the solution for the high cost of 3D printing materials with its patented technology for printing 3D color models using letter sized printer paper.

My interest in Mcor started when they announced a partnership with Staples, which will bring 3D paper printing to office centers in Europe and (eventually) North America.

In this podcast, I talk to Dr. MacCormack, the CEO of Mcor, about using paper as a 3D printing material and how it compares to other 3D printing materials, the evolution of the company's technology, how the Staples deal came together, how Staples and Mcor plan to make 3D printing services work at retail, the future of 3D paper printing and more.


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