Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen on future of 3D printing services market

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While much of the press about 3D printing has focused on low-cost 3D printers that are just now creeping into consumer price bands, mass market adoption of 3D printers is still a few years off.

The 3D printing services market is likely to take off sooner, in part because enables a new class of online entrepreneurs and artists who use 3D printing services to create new artwork, products and designs, which they can then sell to consumers through marketplaces enabled by companies like Shapeways.

I sat down recently with the CEO of Shapeways, Peter Weijmarshausen, to talk about the origins of the company, the company's printing network and facilities, how they are fostering a artisan and creator entrepreneurial wave through their marketplaces, and he expects the first "Shapeways millionaire" in the coming year or so.

If you are interested at all in 3D printing and want to better understand the fast-growing services market, I suggest you take a listen!


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