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Dan Roth on Linkedin influencer program, editing Richard Branson & what excites him in biz media

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I'm a big fan of Linkedin, mostly because I think there's huge utility to the business social net's features. For someone who's long been both a functional practitioner and manager with strong editorial interests in a number of areas, the site's mix of business networking, groups and recruiting features has given me plenty of reason to visit on a near daily basis over the past decade.

And so when the company started to beef up its original content program with the hire of Dan Roth, the former managing editor of, I had a sneaking suspicion the site was about to become an even more important part of my daily routine. Dan came on board just after Linkedin had launched Linkedin Today, its curated vertical news effort heavy on algorithmic targeting. Before long Linkedin Today had started to become an important source of news for myself and millions like me.

Fast forward to last year and Roth and his team launched the Linkedin Influencer program, a handpicked, invite only group of super-influencers like Richard Branson, Barack Obama, Arianna Huffington and Herb Greenberg. Pretty much the top voices in almost every major business vertical.

I decided to spend some time with Dan to ask him how the effort has gone so far, about four months in. I talk to him about the idea behind the initiative, how the effort is going from a recruiting and posting perspective, what the overall editorial strategy is for the effort, and where he sees it going. We also talk about what business media initiatives and startups he sees outside of Linkedin that excites him.

So I invite you to have a listen!

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