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Dale Dougherty, CEO of Maker Media

Mike Wolf 3D Printing maker

You can listen to my conversation with Dale by hitting the orange play button above, hitting the download button on the right, or by downloading it from iTunes or through RSS.

This week, O'Reilly announced that they would spin out their MAKE division into a separate company called Maker Media. At the helm of the new company is Dale Dougherty, the man who pitched the idea of MAKE magazine to Tim O'Reilly in a cab ride as "Martha Stewart for geeks", and helped usher in and give voice to a movement that he had seen building for some time.

I caught up with Dale today to ask him about the new company and where he sees it going, how he compares the two big movements/technology waves he's closely associated with (Web 2.0 and the maker movement), and we also talk about how maker centers and the overall movement could help to reshape education.

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