Brook Drumm, CEO of Printrbot

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Most who follow 3D printing at least know of Brook Drumm, a former pastor turned web designer turned 3D printer entrepreneur who started his company Printrbot after a highly successful Kickstarter campaign which, according to Brook, had him jumping up and down with excitement.
Last week I caught up with Brook and we had a good conversation (despite a few Skype issues). Some of the topics we covered included:
  • How Brook discovered 3D printing 
  • The story behind his effort to create a simpler, easier-to-assemble 3D printer 
  • The Kickstarter campaign and the reality of scaling up to deliver on a massive number of orders
  • His plans to scale up Printrbot's operations and manufacturing processes even further 
  • The next generation Printbots
  • Why Printrbot's hot end is a big part of their company's success
  • When and how the big players will enter the 3D market
  • 3D printing in the education market
  • How 3D printing could be the foundation for the "shop class" of the future
We packed a lot into our 35 minute conversation, so if you're interested at all in 3D printing, want to know more of the backstory behind Printrbot and Brook, or want to know how Brook sees his company and the Printrbot line evolving, you should listen to this podcast.


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