Chris Pirillo on Lockergnome, Gnomedex, Seattle Tech Scene and Monetizing Pirillo

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At one of the CES 2013 press shows, I happened across Chris Pirillo, the one-man tech media whirlwind doing what he does best: talking to someone about tech and capturing it on video for his quarter million Youtube fans, not to mention his many other subscribers at Google+, Twitter and elsewhere.

I've long been aware of Chris Pirillo; if you're in the technology industry or are a tech enthusiast, it's almost impossible not to be. For the last two decades he's been around in some form or another, starting in the mid-90s with one of the first big technology newsletters, which morphed into Lockergnome, Gnomedex, TechTV, and most recently hrough his daily vlogs on YouTube.

After seeing him in action, I thought it'd be good to catch up with him about what he's doing, how he got to where he is and how he makes a business of all his various online activities. We also talked about the origins of Lockergnome and Gnomedex, about his time as a host on TechTV, his 24//7 live-streaming on u-stream, his plans for a new conference about vlogging, and the Seattle tech scene (and how it compares to Silicon Valley).  

So Listen!


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