A conversation with Bre Pettis about Makerbot, Replicator 2 and the 'Amazon of 3D Printing'

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In September of 2012, 3D printer pioneer Makerbot announced their fourth generation printer, the Replicator 2.

The announcement of the Replicator 2 was significant in that it marked a shift towards a less technical user, a move that the company began a year ago with the Replicator (through releasing a pre-assembled device for the first time). In essence, the device is more targeted at an end user less interested in spending time hacking a 3D printer and more interested in actually making 3D prints.

The Replicator 2 also marked a slight shift in the company's stance towards open source. Pettis indicated that they were seeing a number of companies knocking off its printer design (which was evolved from the early work of the Rep Rap project), and in order to counter that a small number of the technology design was not released into open source for the Replicator 2. 
I discuss these changes with Pettis, and we also talk about the broader 3D printing movement. In addition, we discuss 3D printing in the education market, something I think has huge potential given how other engineering-centric programs have thrived in schools, programs such as First Lego League robotics competitions (using Lego Mindstorms) and the emerging use of Minecraft as a teaching tool in elementary and middle schools. We also talk Thingiverse and online 3D design exchanges, as well as who will become the "Amazon of 3D printing" and more.
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