Adam Carolla on the podcast business, selling Mangria and the future of Carolla Digital

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Adam Carolla launched his podcast in 2009, just days after his terrestrial radio program was cancelled. Since then, he's gone on to create one of the largest podcast networks around, featuring a number of podcasts, all centered around the flagship Adam Carolla Show.

In this podcast, Adam talks about his views on podcasting, how he runs his business, why nothing is "free" if you're running a podcast business, how and why he pulled the plug on his father's podcast, why selling Mangria is easier than running a podcast business, and where he sees Carolla Digital going in the future.

This is one of the conversations I have made available for the Podcast Project. If you'd like to learn more about this project, go to the Podcast Project page for more details.


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Mark said

May 14, 2013

Been listening to Adam’s podcast since day 1. i think it’s better than the radio show because of the freedom he has. I barely listen to radio anymore, just podcasts.

Ian Robinson said

June 18, 2013

Thanks for making this happen Mike. Adam has been a motivation for ages because he is such a down to earth real guy who happens to be hilarious.

I’m making podcasts now and it was eye opening to hear Adam talk about how you gotta have nice stuff to come off as professional enough to ask for the big bucks. Definitely actionable. You the man.

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